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Positivity Token

A brand-new reflection technology that allows anybody with a token to profit from every transaction. Every token holder receives a share of every transaction. A portion of the proceeds is set aside for social and environmental programmes.


What is a Positivity Token?

  • A brand-new token built on reflection technology that allows anybody with a token to profit from every transaction.
  • Every token holder receives a share of every transaction, based on the number of tokens held – ever increasing benefits!
  • Reflection technology encourages the holders to keep their tokens rather than “dump” them.
  • POSITIVITY – for a better self and a kinder world
  • GREEN – it can not be mined

What is a Reflection Token?

  • A reflection token earns a fee/percentage (called a reflection tax) based on every transaction, which is distributed to all token holders – therefore ALL token holders benefit from every transaction.
  • It’s similar to COMPOUND INTEREST – reflected tokens are distributed to all token holders AUTOMATICALLY (into the wallet where their tokens are held), pro rata, based on how many tokens are present in the wallet
  • The total number of Positivity tokens held in the wallet rises with every reflection reward received
  • Reflection rewards are then based (and rebased) on the new number of tokens in the wallet – and this happens at EVERY transaction – when many transactions are happening, everyone is benefiting, continuously

Our Ideology

To create a global community of like-minded people who want to focus on positivity, self-development, health, wellness, and financial sovereignty.



To create systems and marketplaces for Positivity Club members to earn, exchange and transact their tokens in exchange for products and services, such as watching Positive Prime sessions, accessing coaching programmes, affiliate referral programmes, buying products and services. This thriving community based market activity will contribute to our members being able to expand their returns and develop their wealth.


We envision many opportunities on our journey for the Positivity Club members to grow. The 3 tier Affiliate programmes allow for members to benefit generously within a community of millions. As a gesture of our appreciation, we gift all contributing members with Positivity Tokens. Simply holding tokens means earning a reflection tax from what we anticipate will be billions of transactions. Our virtual market place will provide a revolutionary shopping experience where Positivity Tokens will be used as currency to access health and well-being products and services.

Giving back

We care about humanity and it is important to us that we give back to the world. Therefore we promise to contribute a fixed percentage to social impact and environmental projects. Positivity Club will fund and create a legacy for future generations.

The Positivity Club’s Brainchild

 Let’s take a look at Positive Prime!

The Positivity Club is founded on the keystone of Positive Prime, a neuroscience & positive psychology app designed to radically improve your mindset & heartset in 3 minutes or more per day

A session spins 1,000 positive images/affirmations (think personalized vision board)at various speeds to impact your conscious and subconscious mind

You can personalise your experience by uploading & integrating your own photos into your Sessions

Private invitations to join our Positivity Club extend only to Annual Subscribers of Positive Prime. Annual Subscriptions start at USD199 per year.

Must maintain annual subscription for Positivity Club membership, tokens, affiliate payments,
and rewards.

The Positivity Club Members can also EARN tokens through gamifying activities, like watching Positive Prime sessions.

Become an Annual Subscriber of Positive Prime

RECEIVE: 199 Tokens to create your first Positivity Token balance.

Earn Tokens

Earning fractions of tokens from viewing Sessions will help your balance of Tokens to grow.

These tokens will be useful to you in our Positivity Marketplace.

Measurement & Gamification

Measurement & Gamification of healthy behaviors, for example, viewing a Daily Positive Prime Sessions in order to boost your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing is key to our ecosystem.

Maintaining healthy habits

Science shows us that participating in our Token Economy will help you to commit to, maintain and sustain your healthy habits.


Important Note

Tokens are distributed to your personal Metamask Wallet 1 month after you Join the Club.

** Only Club Members will receive Tokens.
*** Tokens, and our Rewards Program is not available to Positive Prime Subscribers who are not Positivity Club Members.

Earning fractions of Tokens begins on July 1st 2022.


The sky isn’t even a limit in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and web 3.0 technology!

And, stay tuned as we discover and deliver other exciting opportunities!

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