Frequently Asked Questions

A brand-new reflection technology that allows anybody with a token to profit from every transaction. Every token holder receives a share of every transaction. A portion of the proceeds is set aside for social and environmental programmes.


Do you have a privacy statement that guides what you do with my name and personal information?

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. Here is our official Privacy Policy.

Where may I read the terms and conditions related to Positive Prime?

Why should I join the Positivity Club?

The Positivity Club is defining a new way to connect in the world of Web 3.0. Many projects before us have created a cryptocurrency with not much underpinning but in the hope that people could profit before the demand for the coin or token evaporated. Unlike previous projects, the Positivity Club is building utility and value through a marketplace of goods and services related to health, well-being, and positivity. It is based on several things – membership, community, value, and social good. Please refer to our Home page for more about our mission and values. And we remind you, there are still no guarantees.

How will I receive my tokens?

We will guide you in opening your own MetaMask wallet, where your initial tokens will be placed. And, as you receive additional tokens through gamification and rewards, they will also be placed in your MetaMask wallet. It will be fun to see your tokens grow almost in real time.

What can I do with my tokens?<br />

You will have many ways to use your tokens in the Positivity Club’s marketplace of goods and services. Whether you are curious to experience a coaching session and even want to choose the coach most aligned with you, or you’d like to take a yoga class, or buy some health supplements, you will have a growing list of options for using your tokens. And because we will have special pricing, you will be happy to make good use of those tokens within the marketplace.

May I cancel my membership in the Positivity Club and receive a refund?

Yes we take your refund request seriously. Here is our official refund policy.

In the case of Memberships to the Club, after you sign up for at any level, you will have 5 days to change your mind and get a full refund. After that, you may cancel your membership in the Positivity Club anytime, however we will not be able to offer you a refund. Your tokens will remain in your MetaMask wallet to be exchanged at a future time. If in special circumstances a refund is offered then 25% of the amount is deducted to cover our management fee and any commissions or rewards that may nor may not have been awarded to referrers or promoters. Your annual membership in Positive Prime may be cancelled within 30 days


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