WelcomE To The

Positivity Club

Want to be part of the generation that transitioned Negative News, Social Networks and Technologies into the era of Positivity? We are at a very special moment in time where we have the opportunity to choose how we interact with the world and the technology within it. We have the chance to be a positive force for good or sit back and scroll, while we continue down the current trajectory of record rates of anxiety and depression? This is our opportunity to write a new story about a positive technology revolution. This is your opportunity to be the catalyst for our next generations to begin their lives with positivity built into their systems. Both their smart technologies and their hearts. Our Club exists to invite those willing to believe that this future is possible.
Our club is a Positivity Club that, put simply, rewards you for Positive Actions that combined with our emerging technology, ripple out to the edges of what we believe to be possible.

Our mission is simple.

Rescue positivity
Nurture positivity
Share positivity

Fortify each other
Celebrate each other
Help each other…

...be the positive change we all want to experience in our world.

Let's rejoice in our collective contributions & make the difference in a novel way.

Feel the warmth of everyone here - you and your talents, gifts and strengths will be valued.

Here, we spotlight the ways to breathe life into expressing our true potential and developing the possibilities of creative collaboration.

Join us on this ground breaking opportunity!








The Positivity Club Vision

We are creating the place where people, like you, thrive socially, emotionally, and financially, while spreading good out into the world…and becoming healthier too.

To accomplish this, we’re building a virtual marketplace around wellness & abundance, where positive behavior change is gamified and tokens are the medium for rewards and exchange.

We’re committed to empowering our community to BE the changes we want to see in ourselves and the world, as well as build a legacy for our members. We’re all walking our talk & aligning our actions with our intentions.

We are dedicating a percentage to social and environmental impact projects.

This ground breaking project is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”


Positivity Club is built on Blockchain, our Positivity token incentivizes participation by rewarding members with tokens that can be redeemed in the marketplace for items and experiences. Our online community enables members, local merchants, and healthcare providers to earn Positivity Coin for healthy activities.

Why join the Positivity Club now?

GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY – Contributors now receive 1x token distribution
Imagine having been invited to the launch party of Google or Amazon
Non-crypto savvy people please come join our friendly, helpful, positive community!
Invite others and gain affiliate commissions and additional referral rewards.

The Positivity Club is a movement the world needs right now. What a wonderful way to re-balance away from fear, anxiety, isolation and exclusion. Everyone from big companies and celebrities to soccer mom’s and retirees will be excited to be part of the club! We can ALL come together and lift each other up while making a difference. Feeling good and doing good feels great! The ripple effect will be felt globally.


Earn, exchange and transact with tokens

The Positivity Club community is a marketplace running on a blockchain enabled ecosystem that allows members to freely transact health and wellness products and services directly from each other.

Reflection tax

A reflection token earns a fee/percentage (called a reflection tax) based on every transaction, which is distributed to all token holders – therefore ALL token holders benefit from every transaction.
Earn tokens for every transaction within the community.

Robust Affiliate Program

The 3-tier Affiliate program adds additional benefit for members. Both Positivity Club AND Positive Prime reward members for referring others.
The Positivity Club affiliate opportunity is SHORT TERM ONLY. This opportunity ends when the token lists on an exchange as a crypto currency. We offer 3-tiered opportunity, returning 12%, 5% and 3%
Positive Prime pays ONGOING referral commissions, as usual. We offer 3-tiered opportunity, returning 50%, 10% and 5%
  • Early-stage opportunity to join founding members of a growing global community of like-minded (positive!) people
  • Focused on positivity, self-growth, health & well-being, abundance for all, social & environmental good … in other words, all types of wealth!
  • Built on emerging & cutting-edge technology (Neuroscience, Web 3.0, blockchain, virtual marketplace, NFTs)
  • ‘Early adopter’ members share now with friends/family for momentum and early bird rewards before public token launch!

Who is this opportunity for?

… if you’re interested in any or all of the following:

Personal Development

Community-focused Growth

Global Wealth Improvement

Social and Environmental GOOD

Ground-floor Opportunities

Legacy Creation!


Innovative Technology

Token Economies

Dynamic Marketplaces


Innovative Technology

Level 1: Gratitude


  • Receive 300 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Online Spa Retreat Program with Kim Serafini

Level 2: Joy


  • Receive 500 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Coaching Course on Achieving Goals and Abundance

Level 3: Hope


  • Receive 1,000 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Kim’s Wellness spa digital weekend program 

Level 4: Harmony


  • Receive 2,5000 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Monthly Group Positivity Program

Level 5: Compassion


  • Receive 5,000 Tokens
  • A futuristic afternoon – where positivity is going through the
    world of transformative technology, w/ Kim Serafini

Level 6: Abundance


  • Receive 10,000 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Monthly Group Positivity Program 

Level 7: Peace


Level 8: Awe


  • Receive 50,000 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Social Impact project (Meet & Greet)

Level 9: Love


  • Receive 100,000 Tokens
  • Invite to Pre-Festival Positivity Party
  • Monthly Group Positivity Program

Contact us

We are happy to help!

You may contact us by using any of the following methods. Sending an email using the email address below. 

Email: [email protected]

Alternately complete the form and we will get back in touch with you.